Besides being a filmmaker Samruoddhi Porey is practicing as an advocate in Mumbai High Court. Every case she handled while practicing was like a film story.

The first woman director to win a two national award right through her debut film, Mala Aai Vhaychy ! (I want to be a mother) is of a true incident from such case she had fought had made a deep impact on her and she felt that she should portray this on screen and tried in different perspective.

Samruddhi Porey won State Awards, two National Awards and other 37 International Awards for this movie. This film was considered in the first three slots for Oscar from India. Samruddhi worked for the film in the nine categories and made a record. The film was based on the business of surrogate mothers in India and relationship of the surrogate mother with the child.

Being a daughter , a wife, a mother of two girls, a responsible doting daughter in law of large family, an advocate by profession and off course a inseparable part of multi facet multi cultural and multilingual society, she has grasped and learned technically. During her 15 years career as advocate she has worked as family court and matrimonial practitioner .She has always helped socially deprived people and focused on contributing woman empowerment.

Samruddhi before making movies she has worked on many screen plays, writer, legal advisor, diploma in film making and her first short movie was a limelight in the Mumbai University.

After the mega success she is coming with her second film HEMALKASA .This movie is originally made in regional language – Marathi (Dr.Prakash Baba Amte – The Real Hero). This is an amazing real story of the Doctor. She has been working on this project since the past 3 years with her team in the isolated tribal area called HEMALKASA. Shot the film on real location.

She initiated her company Samruoddhi Cine World about few years‟ back and under this banner she made two regional – marathi and one hindi films which comes with a promise and belief to add on to New Age Cinema. Under this company she movies The response that she has received from India and abroad so far is sure to give her the impetus to create more such films.